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10000mah Waterproof Solar Power Bank

Product specifications:
1.product appearance size: 152*78 *15mm
2.The solar panel specification: 138*65mm
Solar energy: the voltage current 5 v220ma
3.the built-in high capacity polymer lithium battery

4.mobile phone charging 4-5 times
5.Camping lamp: using 5730 single led 0.5 W * 28.
6.The light material: aluminum
7.2 A power supply (such as apple charger + original 2 A) charging 5 hours can be full of, full of 1 A charger for 10 hours.

Battery: authentic polymer battery 10000 mah.
Features: anti-corrosion, waterproof shockproof drop) support 2 a quick charge, with charging line is dedicated 2 a current
Camping lamp lighting: 28 5730 led lamp bead, 14 w power.
Four file three brightness, low illumination 30 hours.
Solar panel: 5 v 220 ma single crystal layer of solar panels.Prevent scratches, high conversion rate.
Colour: green with orange/yellow green

Method of use:
1.solar battery charging:don't switch, threatening the sunlight directly charging (put) support filling while charging four blue lights flashing, with 4 long light.
2.buttons: the operation is simple, one key twice quickly, power indicator (blue light display power per division represents twenty-five percent of the electricity) two USB port activation, can give a 5 v digital products charging, when there is no load test for 10 seconds, then closed the USB output 5 v voltage.
Push the switch first camping lights low file (20 hours), according to the second quantity in the file for 10 hours, according to the third highlighted file 5 hours, according to the fourth flash, used for outdoor distress, teammates.

Special tips:
1 this product integrated IC charge discharge management protection, secure, efficient and a lithium-ion battery overcharge pass flow under voltage double protection, etc.

Three functions:
1 dustproof prevent dust from entering the completely
2 waterproof immersion resistant 1 meter in a short time (due to the USB port location is not mechanical fastening way not long bubble)
3 free fall drop 1 m 3 times normal use
4 this product of green environmental protection material
5 support 2 a quick charge, 2 a rapid discharge.

1 don't hurling themselves apart or punctured.Recommend the use of regular brand battery adapter for its charge, if discover bulge phenomenon, please stop using the product.
2 this product LED lights highlight, please don't eyes, children do not open the lamp to play, so as not to hurt the eyes.
This product use the lamp or charge has now belongs to the normal temperature can be at ease use, closed three prevention structure using shell heat dissipation, charging IC cooling to the shell, when the light is aluminum plate thermal conductivity to the shell.