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How to configure the solar systems
Date:  2013-11-17
1. Solar power generation system consists Four Main components:
(1).Solar Inverter----solar inverter's Power depend on the electronic Tottal power loading , Because inver itself consumes power.Customary ,Function of the inverter is equal to the total load power times 1.5.  For Example , Total power loading 500Watts , So Inverter power is 500Watts*1.5=750W 。
(2).Gel-Batterry ---- Battery 's Power depend electronic Power loading Time .  If you want to continues items working time , you have to fit more correct batteries .
(3).Solar controller----controller's capacity depend on GEL-Batterry's Rated voltage .
(4). Solar Panel ----solar panel's capacity need to depend on Location's Sunlight intensity . Example : Africa sunlight intensity 8hours per day , 8000WH power loading per day ,
      Formula : 8000WH/8h *1.5=1500 W, So this solar system's solar panel need 1500Watts .
(2) Configuration 's Conditions :
(1). System's electrical power load per day .
(2). Electrical using time per day .
(3) Effective sun light intensity of location per day .